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Pompe en acier inoxydable-injecteur électrique ou essence jusqu'a 140psi

Electric or gasoline pump in stainless steel with injector up to 140psi

  • $3,99900
  • Save $000

Motor electric or gas
Pump 1 stage stainless
Maximum 25gpm
High pressure injector 
Drain valve

Delivery 3 weeks

All specification could be modify on request

Electric model

A1ST15E 1.5hp electric 20gpm/20psi; 8gpm/60psi
A1ST3E 3hp electric 25gpm/20psi; 15gpm/60psi; 5gpm/80psi
A1ST5E 5hp electric 15gpm/120psi; 5gpm/140psi

Gasoline model

A1ST55G 5.5hp honda manual starter 25gpm/20psi; 15gpm/60psi; 5gpm/80psi,
A1ST55GE 5.5hp honda electric starter 25gpm/20psi; 15gpm/60psi; 5gpm/80psi,

A1ST11G 11hp honda manual starter 15gpm/120psi; 5gpm/140psi,
A1ST11GE 11hp honda electric starter 15gpm/120psi; 5gpm/140psi

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