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Commutateur de débit Q-10 0.7 À 1025GPM 1"mnpt - Airablo

Flow switch Q-10 0.7 À 1025GPM 1"mnpt

  • $30000

Flow Switch
1 inch Model Q-10

One Inch Flow Switch


Model Q-10 can be provided with three factory adjustable parameters which provide performance flexibility to meet a multitude of applications:

  • Paddle Area
  • Paddle Length
  • Paddle Stiffness

Responds to fluid flow only, independent of line pressure and temperature.

Max. flow may be five times normal flow.

Positive stop eliminates fatigue effects of turbulence, vibration and flow surge on flow detecting element.

Small size and low profile provides easy mounting in crowded installations.

Very low pressure drop – typically less than 1.0 psig at normal flow rate.

Quick response.

Available with NO, NC or SPDT Reed Switch

Switches 5VDC to 240VAC.

Switches resistive and light inductive loads.

Switch employs magnetic coupling.

Send us your special requirements. We will quote a special unit to meet those requirements.

Flow Range: 0.7–1,025 GPM (2.6–3,880 L/m)

Working Temp: 200˚F (93˚C) Maximum

Working Pressure: 250 psig (1.724 kPa)

Process Connection: 1″ NPT

Electrical (Reed) Switch: SPNO (single pole normally open) 0.5A

Installation instructions q-10n/13/no/8ft # 01150175 (PDF)

Data sheet q-10n/13/no/8ft # 01150175 (PDF)

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